Wine Advocate: Yet another first-class performance for Domaine Sigalas Santorini Assyrtiko wines

WINE ADVOCATE and Mark Squires set a truly impressive 2023 kickoff for Domaine Sigalas; on the 12 January report, the highest scores given across the PDO Santorini Assyrtiko range showcased once more the winery’s outstanding consistency in top quality. The ratings follow:
– Domaine Sigalas EPTA 2021: 95+
– Domaine Sigalas KAVALIEROS 2020: 94+
– Domaine Sigalas SANTORINI ASSYRTIKO BARREL 2021: 93
– Domaine Sigalas SANTORINI ASSYRTIKO 2021: 92+

It must be highlighted that the restless Domaine Sigalas spirit of discovering the singular Santorini sub-terroirs, as embraced by the “7 VILLAGES” project, was fully rewarded. Besides the “EPTA” label that for 2021 vintage was produced by Assyrtiko grown on the village of Fira, the remaining 6 wines of the range scored between 96-93 points!

What makes this overall performance even more noteworthy is the fact that it is attributed mostly to 2021 PDO Santorini Assyrtiko, a vintage related with a rather challenging harvest. A truly invigorating continuity with Sigalas’ iconic legacy as a point of reference for Santorini winemaking.

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