Domaine Sigalas awarded at “FNL Best Restaurants 2023”

Exhilarating news as our restaurant has received an award at the prestigious “Best Restaurant Awards 2023” held by FNL (The Food and Leisure Guide)  in Athens, at the category of “Contemporary Greek Cuisine“.

This significant distinction coming from a very strict and meticulous process run by a top team of gastronomy professionals all over the country, is an inspiring reward for Domaine Sigalas team; a payoff for years of dedicated effort aimed at introducing a top-notch winery restaurant in Greece.

At the core of this award is of course Kiriaki Fotopoulou, Domaine Sigalas Executive Chef (photo) that has been curating a passionate brigade led by Head Chef Gogo Mpismpardi. Blending creativity and culinary craftsmanship with profound respect to the volcanic produce of Santorini has been the goal for Sigalas cuisine from the start; An ode to fresh seasonal ingredients and to finest flavors in absolute harmony with the the world-renowned, authentic and singular Sigalas wines. Together with Spyro Lemanis, our hospitality manager, this remarkable bond between wine and gastronomy has been further enriched by the knowledgeable and seamlessly attentive service taking place in an upscale yet relaxed setting, beautifully integrated into the surroundings. Indeed, Domaine Sigalas offers an idyllic serene ambient to savor the experience, with spectacular view of the vines grown on the volcanic terroir of the island and the dreamy Santorini sunset on the the background.

A huge congratulations to Domaine Sigalas team for setting once more the golden standards in winery restaurants in Greece.

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Hours of operation: 11:00 – 21:00.




New season at Domaine Sigalas: We are open!

Excited to announce that we are open for tours, wine tastings and mouthwatering food and wine pairings at our restaurant.

At Domaine Sigalas, our world-renowned wines are the epicenter of our unique universe; with profound respect to the Sigalas heritage, to the volcanic Santorinian landscape and authentic Cycladic culture, and to our restless and hospitable spirit that keeps raising the bar.

Santorini Domaine Sigalas Chef Kiriaki FotopoulouThe awarded Executive Chef Kiriaki Fotopoulou -together with her passionate team- has created our menu for yet another year, inspired by the local traditions and the outstanding products grown on the anhydrous land of Santorini; at the same time, she blends her creative culinary finesse with a mindful philosophy embracing the seasonal nature of products.
Every dish in our menu is made for sensational food and Sigalas wine pairings. Spearheaded by Sigalas benchmark Santorini Assyrtikos, singular and rare varieties like Aidani and Mavrotragano join this sensatory voyage of discovery.

Looking forward to welcoming you all from all over the globe at Domaine Sigalas!

From 15 March 2023 

March 2023: 11:00 – 19:00
April 2023: 11:00 – 20:00
From 15 May 2023: 11:00 – 21:00

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